Rachel Roberts Custom Keto Diet Reviews

Overview of Rachel Roberts Custom Keto Diet

Are you feeling frustrated with your weight-loss journey? Struggling to find a diet that’s right for you? Rachel Roberts created the Custom Keto Diet plan so people can achieve their health and wellness goals without restrictive diets.

Our research shows this program is all about creating delicious meals based on individual preferences, body types, lifestyles – and more importantly helping users reach their goal weight in just 8 weeks!

Read our blog post to get exclusive reviews from real customers, detailed cost of the program, key features included and more! Stop struggling and get started with Custom Keto Diet today.

Key Takeaways

  • The Custom Keto Diet Plan is an 8 – week, personalized program designed to help individuals achieve their health and wellness goals.
  • It follows the principles of the ketogenic diet by replacing carbs with an increased intake of fat for efficient weight loss using metabolic manipulation.
  • Expert nutritionists provide customized meal plans tailored to individual food preferences, goals and body types endorsed by Rachel Roberts herself.
  • It also includes additional features such as helpful hacks from professionals providing guidance for sustainable success in this lifestyle change.
  • The program costs $37 with a 60 day money back guarantee offered with no questions asked should you fail to meet weight loss goals set out from day one!

What is the Custom Keto Diet Plan?

The Custom Keto Diet Plan is an 8-week, personalized program developed and created by Rachel Roberts that tailors to individual food preferences, goals and body types.

Explanation of the 8-week ketogenic diet plan

The Custom Keto Diet Plan by Rachel Roberts is an 8-week diet plan that helps individuals transition to a healthy keto lifestyle.

It begins with an introduction period in which the user can gradually adjust to the diet and body’s new needs.

During this time, users are recommended to consume low carbohydrate foods such as eggs, nuts and seeds, poultry, seafood, meat and vegetables.

Center> Custom Keto Diet

Through careful dietary adjustments like reducing carbs and boosting fat intake, proteins are converted into energy essential for day-to-day activities, crucial for a health-focused weight loss journey.

The program customizes meal plans based on individual dietary preferences, lifestyle choices such as preferred foods, current weight, and targeted weight loss objective.

This creates personalized nutrition guidance for the duration of their 8-week ketogenic journey.

How it works and the science behind it

The Custom Keto Diet Plan is based on the principles of the ketogenic diet, which involves short-term carbohydrate restriction and replacing it with an increased intake of fat.

This helps induce a state known as ‘ketosis,’ in which the body starts burning fat for fuel instead of glucose supplied from carbohydrates.

With a calorie deficit created by restricting food choices, unwanted fat stores are used to keep your energy levels maintained.

Research indicates that a very low carbohydrate ketogenic diet results in greater weight loss than other diets, like those reducing calories without cutting carbs, significantly enhancing overall health through weight loss and hormone regulation.

During this process, you’ll consume fewer carbohydrates than normal while eating more protein and healthy fats like avocado or coconut oil everyday for eight weeks—restricting certain healthy foods such as some fruits until later phases.

Pros and Cons of the Custom Keto Diet

-Exploring the positive aspects of the program, such as effortless weight loss and improved health, along with potential drawbacks ordinary users might experience.

Advantages of the program, including effortless weight loss and improved health

The Custom Keto Diet Plan offers countless benefits for those looking to lose weight and improve their overall health.

From effortless weight loss to improved mental clarity, the program focuses on an individualized approach that caters to your specific preferences, dietary restrictions, activity levels, body type, lifestyle goals and more.

With Rachel Roberts’ scientific yet indulgent recipes and detailed instructions, you can enjoy your favorite foods while achieving sustained results.

Rachel Roberts Custom Keto Diet Reviews

The program harnesses the power of cutting-edge ketogenic diet principles so that you can take advantage of its efficient metabolism-boosting effects without feeling deprived or overwhelmed with restrictive diets existing solely of lettuce leaves!

The plan successfully aids weight loss by turning fat into fuel. Through an 8-week program with nutritionists, meals are customized to one’s calorie needs, yet remain enjoyable.

As well as this unrivaled gastronomic freedom there are also videos provided by personal trainers breaking down fitness exercises one can do at home which ensures consistent progress along one’s weight loss journey.

Potential drawbacks, such as the need for strict adherence to the diet

Following the Custom Keto Diet program requires a high degree of commitment and discipline, as it is essential to adhere strictly to the meal plan in order for desired results to be achieved.

In order for users to get the most out of this program there needs to be full compliance with regards to consuming the recommended foods in specific quantities according to fitness level and body type.

Omitting meals or deviating from portion sizes may result in your failing to reach weight loss goals, so sticking closely to the ketogenic diet plan is necessary.

Additionally, any attempt at substituting ingredients such as sugar or artificial sweeteners can compromise weight loss progress since these items introduce unnecessary carbs into meal plans – thus leading users away from their goal instead of towards it.

Expert Nutritionists and Personalized Meal Plans

The Custom Keto Diet Plan includes access to expert nutritionists who create personalized meal plans based on individual body type, lifestyle, goals, and preferences.

The role of nutritionists in creating personalized and unique meal plans

The Custom Keto Diet Plan puts a strong emphasis on personalized nutrition, enlisting the help of expert nutritionists in creating custom meal plans for its users.

The keto diet program is based upon scientifically proven principles and designed to help individuals effectively transition to a healthy ketogenic lifestyle.

Nutritionists collaborate with chefs and personal trainers when developing each individual’s personalized plan, accounting for food preferences, flavors, allergies, height/weight measurements, lifestyle choices and ambitions to ensure that it is tailored according to each individual’s needs.

Not only do these nutrition experts provide insight into nutritional information but they are also able to design meal plans by providing recommendations on combining various flavors and ingredients that satisfy one’s taste buds while achieving maximum macro-nutrient balance.

Overview of the variety of keto dessert recipes and low-carb options

The Custom Keto Diet Plan offers much more than just delicious, low-carb meals. In addition to recipes for savory dishes, the program also provides a variety of keto dessert recipes and other options that are low in carbohydrates but still full of flavor.

This is perfect for those looking to cut down on their sugar intake while still satisfying their sweet cravings.

Not only do these options taste great, but they can also help support weight loss and improved health; with fewer carbs being consumed there is less room leftover for unhealthy foods like soda or processed items.

The customization aspect of this program allows users to select desserts according to taste preferences and individualized diet goals making it easier than ever before to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle!

With Rachel Roberts’ expertise plus guidance from nutritionists, chefs and personal trainers all working together towards one common goal—helping you achieve success—the Custom Keto Diet is an excellent choice for anyone looking to reach their ideal body weight and maintain good health!

Pricing and Guarantee

– The Custom Keto Diet Plan costs $37.00 and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Information on the price of the program

The Custom Keto Diet plan is designed to jumpstart your weight loss journey and provide a lasting solution. It is also highly affordable for most, costing just $37.

The investment you make now will pay; not only will you learn the basics of keto living and meal planning but you’ll also improve your overall health in the long run.

You can begin with minimal effort as all individualized meal plans and recipes are prepared for you by nutritionists, allowing you to start immediately with low-carb/high-fat meals that are tailored according to your body type, lifestyle, activity level and food preferences.

Additionally, ordering comes with other benefits such as contemporary instructional videos from Rachel Roberts herself on how best to get started right away on your own customized ketogenic diet plan.

and delicious dessert options that won’t derail any of those hard-earned progress! With this one purchase price – including professional advice from Rachel’s team of experts – there’s no issue inside or outside the kitchen.

Details of the money-back guarantee offered

The Custom Keto Diet Plan offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, so customers can try the program risk free.

This means that you have two whole months to test out the custom keto meal plan and see if it works for your individual goals.

Customers are able to receive a full refund if they’re not completely satisfied with their results after 60 days of use — no questions asked!

With this guarantee, users can feel comfortable investing in this program knowing that they’re covered should things not work out as expected.

It also puts less pressure on individuals while locked into an 8-week diet program allowing them to gain back confidence in committing to such a major lifestyle change.

Transform Your Health with Our Customized Keto Diet Plans

At Rachel Roberts’ Custom Keto Diet, we understand that not everyone is the same and has the same goals when it comes to dieting.

Everyone’s lifestyle, activity level, body type, food preferences and more are taken into consideration when creating a personalized 8-week ketogenic meal plan built just for you.

The program provides each individual with a unique guide tailored specifically towards their weight loss goal while also taking into account such factors as allergies and favorite foods.

Users can rely on receiving all necessary information to make educated food choices daily, aiding their journey towards enhanced health and achieving their fitness goals.

Experienced nutritionists design meal plans with tasty recipes for all meals and low-carb desserts or snacks, catering to all dietary needs regardless of weight or lifestyle.

Get access to nutrition experts and customize weekly grocery lists full of meal-related ingredients. This makes maintaining healthy eating habits easier, saving you time in finding budget and calorie-friendly groceries, and making restrictive diets more bearable.


The Rachel Roberts Custom Keto Diet program is an effective approach to losing weight and improving overall health. The 8-week meal plan offers personalized dietary advice tailored to the individual’s body type, weight loss goals, food preferences, and lifestyle.

It provides users with scientifically based keto recipes created by professional nutritionists together with videos and helpful tips on sticking to the diet plan.

Moreover, at a cost of just $37 it also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee empowering users to take charge of their weight loss journey securely.

With this comprehensive program designed by one of America’s top nutrition experts Rachel Roberts wants you to be successful in achieving your desired results effectively without feeling unpalatable restrictions or depriving yourself from enjoying delicious meals!


What is in the Rachel Roberts Custom Keto Diet?

The Rachel Roberts Custom Keto Diet consists of meal plans tailored to the individual’s specific dietary needs, preferences and lifestyle factors designed to help them reach their health goals by following a ketogenic diet.

The program includes personalized nutrition coaching along with mindful eating techniques, mindfulness practices as well as supplement recommendations based on research-backed findings.

Are there any side effects associated with this diet?

When followed properly under guidance from a certified health professional like Rachel Roberts, the risks for adverse reactions or other negative implications are minimal; however some side effects may include fatigue, insomnia, headaches, constipation and bad breath during the initial transition period while transitioning into ketosis/keto adapted state before gradually disappearing over time.

How long does it usually take to start feeling benefits of this diet?

Optionally you can also providean answer statingFirst results may be noticed after the first couple weeks but it typically takes several months for full effect from following a custom ketogenic plan such as that provided by Rachel Roberts depending upon individual constitutional make-up & response to lifestyle changes being implemented etc..

This should be discussed further between client & provider in order determine best treatment path maximizing effectiveness.

Is there any guarantee when ordering the program?

Yes – customers who purchase Rachel Roerts’ digital offerings (eBooks etc) receive 30 days satisfaction guarantee wherein if not completely satisfied one can ask for complete refund within that term no questions asked given terms outlined at point sale were met prior submitting request

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