Discover the Top Intermittent Fasting Apps of 2022

If you’re looking to optimize your health journey, intermittent fasting can be an effective strategy. And with the right app, you can make the process even simpler. Intermittent fasting apps can help you track your fasting schedule, provide personalized recommendations, offer progress tracking features, and enhance motivation.

But with so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for you. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top intermittent fasting apps of 2022 to make your decision easier.

Key Takeaways:

  • Intermittent fasting apps can help optimize health journeys.
  • Choosing the right app can be overwhelming with so many options available.
  • Our list of the top intermittent fasting apps of 2022 will make your decision easier.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that involves alternating periods of fasting and eating. It does not specify which foods you should eat, but rather when you should eat them. The goal is to limit the number of calories consumed during the fasting period, which can lead to weight loss and other health benefits.

There are several different methods of intermittent fasting, including:

  • The 16/8 Method: This method involves fasting for 16 hours and eating during an 8-hour window.
  • The 5:2 Method: This method involves eating normally for 5 days of the week and restricting calorie intake to 500-600 calories for the other 2 days.
  • The Eat-Stop-Eat Method: This method involves fasting for 24 hours once or twice per week.
  • The Alternate-Day Method: This method involves alternating between fasting and eating normally every other day.

Intermittent fasting has been shown to have several health benefits, including weight loss, improved blood sugar control, reduced inflammation, and improved brain function. However, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new diet or fasting regimen.

Benefits of Using Intermittent Fasting Apps

If you’re considering starting an intermittent fasting routine, using a fasting app can be a game-changer. Here are some of the benefits of using intermittent fasting apps:

1. Track Your Fasting Schedule

Intermittent fasting apps help you keep track of your fasting and eating windows. With a tap of a button, you can easily start and end your fast and monitor your progress.

2. Personalized Recommendations

Many intermittent fasting apps offer personalized recommendations based on your goals, body type, and preferred fasting schedule. You can also adjust the app to your specific needs so that you get the best out of your fasting routine.

3. Progress Tracking Features

Intermittent fasting apps make it easy to track your progress by providing visual aids, such as graphs, to help you see how you’re doing. You can also set reminders, monitor your weight loss, and keep track of any changes in your body.

4. Enhance Motivation

Fasting can be tough, but with the help of intermittent fasting apps, you can stay motivated, remain focused on your goals, and celebrate small victories along the way. Many apps offer rewards and challenges to help you stay on track.

5. Flexibility

Intermittent fasting apps offer flexibility, making it easy to customize your fasting plan and adjust it based on your lifestyle. This flexibility is especially useful for people who travel a lot or have busy schedules.

By using an intermittent fasting app, you can simplify and optimize your fasting routine, making it easier to achieve your health goals.

Key Features to Look for in Intermittent Fasting Apps

Choosing the right intermittent fasting app can be overwhelming, with so many options available. To help narrow down your choices, here are key features to consider:

1. Ease of Use

Look for an app with a user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, and clear instructions. The last thing you want is to spend valuable minutes figuring out how to log your fasting hours.

2. Variety of Fasting Schedules

Find an app that offers a range of fasting schedules to fit your lifestyle and goals. Whether you prefer the 16:8 method, alternate-day fasting, or a custom approach, a good IF app should have you covered.

3. Customizable Options

Personalization is key to a successful fasting journey. Choose an app that allows you to customize your fasting window, adjust your goals, and track your progress in a way that works for you.

4. Meal Planning Tools

While fasting, it is important to fuel your body with nutritious foods during feeding windows. Consider an app that offers meal planning tools, recipe suggestions, or integrates with food tracking apps to help you stay on track.

5. Community Support

Intermittent fasting can be challenging, especially if your social circle is not on board. Look for an app that offers a supportive community where you can connect with like-minded individuals, ask for advice, or share your progress.

6. Integration with Other Health Apps

If you use other health apps or devices, it can be helpful to find an IF app that integrates with them. This can provide a more comprehensive overview of your health journey and make it easier to track your progress.

Top Intermittent Fasting Apps for 2022

Intermittent fasting has gained popularity as an effective way to optimize health and manage weight. These top-rated intermittent fasting apps can help you stay on track with your fasting schedule, provide personalized recommendations, and offer progress tracking features, enhancing your motivation and success.

App Name Key Features User Rating Pricing
Zero Multiple fasting schedules, personalized recommendations, progress tracking, journal, mindfulness features, Apple Health integration 4.8 Free with in-app purchases
MyFast Customizable fasting schedules, meal planner, progress tracking, water intake tracker, weight log, Apple Health integration 4.7 Free with in-app purchases
Fastic Multiple fasting schedules, meal planner, hydration tracker, weight log, community support, challenges, Apple Health integration 4.6 Free with in-app purchases
LifeOmic Customizable fasting schedules, meal planner, progress tracking, weight log, personalized recommendations, Apple Health integration 4.5 Free with in-app purchases

These apps have been selected based on their user ratings, features, and affordability. They are available for download on both iOS and Android devices, making it convenient for users to access the apps from anywhere.

Whether you’re new to intermittent fasting or an experienced faster, these apps can help you achieve your health goals and stay motivated in your journey.

How to choose the right intermittent fasting app for you?

With so many intermittent fasting apps available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your needs. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind when selecting an IF app:

  1. Personal goals: Consider your personal health goals, such as weight loss or better digestion, and choose an app that aligns with those goals.
  2. Preferred fasting schedules: Some apps offer more fasting schedules than others, so choose an app that has the schedule that works best for you.
  3. User interface: Choose an app with a user interface that is easy to navigate and use, and that you find visually appealing.
  4. Accountability features: Look for an app that includes features that help keep you accountable, such as reminders and progress tracking.
  5. Compatibility with devices: Make sure the app is compatible with the devices you plan to use it on, such as your smartphone or tablet.
  6. Meal planning tools: Consider whether you want an app that includes meal planning tools, such as recipe suggestions or grocery lists, to help you stay on track.
  7. Community support: Some apps offer a community feature where you can connect with others who are also fasting. If this is important to you, choose an app that includes this feature.

By considering these factors, you can choose an intermittent fasting app that best fits your needs and helps you achieve your health goals. Remember, the right app can make all the difference in your success!

User Tips for Getting the Most Out of Intermittent Fasting Apps

Intermittent fasting apps can be a great tool to help you achieve your health goals. To maximize the benefits of these apps, here are some user tips to keep in mind:

  • Set reminders: Fasting schedules can be challenging to remember, but by setting reminders on your app, you can ensure that you stay on track and don’t accidentally break your fast early.
  • Track progress regularly: Tracking your progress is an excellent way to stay motivated and see how far you’ve come. Use your app to record your fasting times, weight loss, and any other relevant data for your health journey.
  • Utilize social features: Many intermittent fasting apps have a built-in social community where you can connect with other users, share your progress, and get support and encouragement. Make use of these features to help keep you accountable and motivated.
  • Set realistic goals: It’s essential to set achievable goals that align with your lifestyle and health needs. Be realistic about what you can realistically commit to and work towards that goal gradually.
  • Leverage meal planning tools: Many fasting apps include meal-planning tools that can help you create balanced and healthy meals during your eating window. Take advantage of these features to make the most of your time off from fasting.

By following these user tips, you can maximize the benefits of your intermittent fasting app and set yourself up for success in achieving your health goals. Remember, consistency and persistence are key to seeing lasting results.

Testimonials and Success Stories from Intermittent Fasting App Users

Real-life experiences are a powerful way to showcase the benefits of intermittent fasting apps. Here are some testimonials and success stories from users who have seen positive changes in their health and lifestyle.

“I have been using the Zero app for several months now and it has transformed my relationship with food. The app’s timer helps me keep track of my fasting periods and the customizable notifications keep me on track. I have lost weight, have more energy, and feel great!”

– Sarah R.

“Fastic has helped me maintain a consistent fasting schedule, which has improved my digestion and overall health. The app’s meal planning feature and recipe suggestions have also made meal prep so much easier. I highly recommend it!”

– Mark T.

“I started using LifeOmic to help me with my fasting journey and found the community feature to be a great source of support and motivation. Being able to connect with others who share similar goals and challenges has been invaluable.”

– Anna K.

These are just a few examples of how intermittent fasting apps have helped people take control of their health and wellbeing. By using these apps, you can set yourself up for success and experience the benefits of intermittent fasting.

Comparison Chart of Top Intermittent Fasting Apps

To help you make an informed decision when choosing an intermittent fasting app, we have created a comparison chart of the top apps available in 2022. Check out the key features, pricing information, and user ratings below to find the right app for you.

App Name Key Features Pricing User Ratings
Zero Customizable fasting plans, meal tracking, water tracking, community support Free with in-app purchases for premium features 4.8/5 on App Store and 4.6/5 on Google Play
MyFast Personalized fasting plans, meal recommendations, progress tracking, water tracking Free with in-app purchases for premium features 4.9/5 on App Store and 4.6/5 on Google Play
Fastic Daily fasting plans, meal tracking, coaching, community support Free with in-app purchases for premium features 4.7/5 on App Store and 4.5/5 on Google Play
LifeOmic Customizable fasting plans, meal tracking, personalized recommendations, community support $9.99 per month or $49.99 per year 4.6/5 on App Store and 4.2/5 on Google Play

Remember, the right intermittent fasting app for you depends on your individual needs and preferences. Take time to review the features of each app and choose the one that aligns with your goals and gives you the best chance of success in your health journey.


Choosing the right intermittent fasting app can make all the difference in achieving your health goals. The top intermittent fasting apps for 2022, including Zero, MyFast, Fastic, and LifeOmic, offer great features such as customizable fasting schedules, meal planning tools, and community support.

Remember to consider your personal preferences and goals when selecting an app, and utilize the tips shared by real users to maximize the benefits. Setting reminders, tracking progress regularly, and leveraging meal planning tools are just a few ways to get the most out of your intermittent fasting app.

With the help of these top rated intermittent fasting apps, you can achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle. Start your journey towards optimal health today with the best intermittent fasting apps available.


Q: How do I download an intermittent fasting app?

A: You can download an intermittent fasting app from your device’s app store. Simply search for the app name and click on the download button to install it on your device.

Q: Are intermittent fasting apps free to use?

A: Many intermittent fasting apps offer a free version with basic features. However, some apps may offer premium features or subscription plans for an additional cost.

Q: Can I use intermittent fasting apps on multiple devices?

A: Yes, most intermittent fasting apps allow you to synchronize your data across multiple devices. This means you can access your fasting schedule and progress from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Q: Do intermittent fasting apps have meal planning features?

A: Some intermittent fasting apps offer meal planning features to help you plan your meals during your eating periods. These features may include recipe suggestions, grocery lists, and calorie tracking.

Q: Can intermittent fasting apps track other health metrics?

A: Some intermittent fasting apps have the ability to integrate with other health apps and devices to track additional metrics such as steps taken, sleep quality, and heart rate. Check the app’s features to see if it offers this capability.

Q: How accurate are the fasting timers in intermittent fasting apps?

A: Fasting timers in intermittent fasting apps are generally accurate. However, it’s important to manually start and stop your fasting timer as per your fasting schedule to ensure accurate tracking.

Q: Can intermittent fasting apps be used offline?

A: Most intermittent fasting apps require an internet connection to function. However, some apps may offer offline mode for basic features like tracking your fasting schedule and progress.

Q: How do intermittent fasting apps provide personalized recommendations?

A: Intermittent fasting apps may ask for information such as your age, weight, and goals to provide personalized recommendations. These recommendations may include fasting schedules, meal plans, and progress milestones.

Q: Can I communicate with other users on intermittent fasting apps?

A: Many intermittent fasting apps have a community feature where you can interact with other users, ask questions, and share your progress. This can provide additional support and motivation during your fasting journey.

Q: Are intermittent fasting apps suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, intermittent fasting apps are suitable for beginners as they provide guidance and structure for starting and maintaining a fasting routine. They can help you ease into fasting schedules and track your progress as you become more experienced.

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